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A to Z guide of the origin of street names in Kawerau.

Follow the links beside the name to go to our mini biographies of local identities who streets are named after.

Atkinson Street 

Sir Harry Atkinson - NZ Prime Minister – 1876-77, 1883-84, 1887-91 

Ballance Street 

Mr John Ballance - NZ Prime Minister – 1891-93 

Bernard Fergusson, Lord Ballantrae – NZ Governor General 1962 – 67 

Beattie Road 

Hon. Sir David Beattie – Governor General of NZ – 1980-85

Bell Street  Hon. Sir Francis Bell - NZ Prime Minister - 1925

Bill Schmelz Place

See local identity biography

Bledisloe Street

Charles Bathurst, 1st Viscount Bledisloe - NZ Governor General – 1930-35 

Blundell Avenue

Sir (Edward) Denis Blundell - Governor General of NZ – 1972-77

Bob Wilson Place 

See local identity biography

Boss Road 

See local identity biography 

Bowen Street 

Sir George Bowen - Governor of NZ – 1868-73

Browne Street 

Colonel Thomas Browne - Governor of NZ – 1855-61

Coates Road

Rt. Hon Joseph Coates – NZ Prime Minister – 1925-28

Cobham Drive 

Charles John Lyttelton, 10th Viscount Cobham - Governor General of NZ– 1957-62

Dave Weston Place 

See local identity biography 

Delamere Drive 

Sir Monita Delamere - See local identity biography

Dippie Place

Mrs Jocelyn (Joc) and Mr Malcolm (Mac) Dippie - See local identity biography  

Domett Street 

Mr Alfred Domett – NZ Prime Minister – 1862-63

Doug Wilson Crescent 

See local identity biography 

East Bank Road 

Was part of Highway 30 – now extension of Paora Drive

Emme Allan Road

See local identity biography

Fenton Mill Road

Name of a sawmill in the bush south of Kawerau in the 1940’s & 50’s

Fenton Street

Mr Percy Fenton, Sawmiller 

Fergusson Street 

Rt. Hon Sir James Fergusson – Governor of NZ – 1873-74

Fitzgerald Street 

Mr James Fitzgerald, NZ Politician 1853 -67

Fitzroy Street  Capt. Robert Fitzroy – Governor of NZ – 1843-45

Fletcher Avenue 

Sir James Fletcher, Chairman of Tasman Pulp and Paper Co.
Forbes Place

Sir George Forbes – NZ Prime Minister – 1930-35 or Don Forbes – Kawerau retailer & Commissioner 

Forsaith Street 

New Zealand politician Mr Thomas Forsaith 1853 - 1855

Fox Street

Mr William Fox – NZ Prime Minister – 1856, 1861-2, 1869-73

Fraser Street 

Rt. Hon Peter Fraser – NZ Prime Minister – 1940-49

Freyberg Street 

Lt. Gen. Lord Bernard Freyberg – Governor General of NZ – 1946-52

Galway Street

George Monckton-Arundell the 8th Viscount Galway – Governor General of NZ – 1935-41

George Whatnall Place 

See local identity biography 

Glasgow Street 

David Boyle, Earl of Glasgow – Governor of NZ – 1892-97 

Gordon Street

Sir Arthur Gordon – Governor of NZ – 1880-82

Grey Street 

Sir George Grey – Governor – 1845-47 – Governor-in-Chief 1848-53 –
  Governor of NZ 1853, 1861-68 – NZ Prime Minister – 1877-79

Hadley Street

Trevor Hadley - See local identity biography 

Hahuru Road

Named after Tuwharetoa’s Mother 

Hall Street 

Mr John Hall - NZ Prime Minister – 1879-82

Hardie Avenue

Mr Ron Hardie - See local identity biography  

Hay Place

See local identity biography

Hinemotu Avenue

The second wife of Tuwharetoa 

Hobson Street 

Captain William Hobson – Lieutenant Governor of NZ – 1840-41 , Governor of NZ - 1841-42

Holland Crescent 

Rt. Hon Sir Sydney Holland - NZ Prime Minister – 1949-57

Holyoake Crescent

Rt. Hon Sir Keith Holyoake - NZ Prime Minister – 1957, 1960-72 – Governor General of NZ 1977-80 

Ion Road

Mr Harold Ion - See local identity biography  

Islington Street 

John Dickson-Poynder, Lord Islington – Governor of NZ – 1910-12
Jellicoe Court

Viscount John Rushworth Jellicoe, Governor General of NZ – 1920-24

Jervois Street 

Lt. Gen. Sir William Jervois – Governor of NZ – 1883-89 

Julian Road

Barney and Joyce Julian - See local identity biography  

Kawerau Road West

SH34 to the west of Kawerau 

Kirk Crescent

Rt. Hon. Norman Kirk - NZ Prime Minister – 1972-74 

Les Martin Drive 

See local identity biography

Liverpool Street

Arthur Foljambe,  Earl of Liverpool – Governor of NZ – 1912-17 – Governor General of NZ 1917-20

Mackenzie Street

Mr Thomas Mackenzie – NZ Prime Minister – 1912 

Manukorihi Street

Possibly Maori trust? Means ‘the chorus of the birds’ in reference to when Maori settled here amongst bird teeming forests

Marshall Street

Rt. Hon John Marshall - NZ Prime Minister – 1972 

Massey Street

Rt. Hon William Ferguson Massey - NZ Prime Minister – 1912-25 

Mawake Road

Named after Tuwharetoa’s Father 

Neely Place

Miss Meryll Neely - See local identity biography 

Newall Street 

Sir Cyril Newall, Marshal of the RAF - Governor General of NZ – 1941-46

Normanby Street 

George Phipps, Marquess of Normanby – Governor of NZ – 1875-79 

Norrie Street

Lt. Gen Sir Willoughby Norrie - Governor General of NZ – 1952-57 

Onslow Street

William Onslow, Earl of Onslow – Governor of NZ – 1889-92

Opunoke Drive

Original name of the area on which Kawerau is situated-the Trig station   on Reservoir Hill is Opunoke 

Owen Road

Jack Owen - See local identity biography 

Paora Street

Likely Otene Paora - Ngati Whatua leader, Anglican lay reader, land   negotiator


Parimahana Drive

Maori meaning ‘abundance of warmth’ named from the geothermal activity in the area

Payne Crescent 

Mr D.H. (or Geoff/Jeff) Payne - Lands & Survey Hamilton - worked on plans for Kawerau from the beginning. 

Peter Lippa Drive

Dr Peter Lippa - See local identity biography 

Plunket Street 

William Plunket, Lord Plunket - Governor of NZ – 1904-10

Pollen Street

Mr Daniel Pollen – NZ Prime Minister – 1875-76

Porritt Drive 

Sir Arthur Porritt - Governor General of NZ – 1967-72 

Ramsden Place

Rev. Ian Ramsden - See local identity biography  

Ranfurly Court

Earl of Ranfurly - Governor of NZ – 1897-1904

River Road 

Named after the Tarawera River that runs along the length of the road 

Robinson Street 

Sir Hercules Robinson – Governor of NZ – 1879-1880

Ryder Place 

Father Thomas Ryder - See local identity biography  

Savage Street  

Rt. Hon Michael Joseph Savage - NZ Prime Minister - 1935-40

Seddon Street

Rt. Hon Richard John Seddon - NZ Prime Minister – 1893-1906 

Sewell Street 

Mr Henry Sewell - NZ Prime Minister - 1856

Shepherd Road

Mr Phil Shepherd – RSA stalwart & community Councillor – 1950’s - 2000 

Short Street

Because it is short!

Spencer Avenue

Dr. Errol Spencer - See local identity biography  

Stafford Street 

Mr Edward William Stafford – NZ Prime Minister – 1856-61, 1865-69, 1972

Stewart Reidpath Drive 

See local identity biography

Stout Street

Sir Robert Stout - NZ Prime Minister – 1884-87 

Syme Crescent 

Mr Jim Syme - See local identity biography  

Tamarangi Drive

Name of local iwi/tribe 

Tarawera Road 

Named after Mt. Tarawera 

Te Ariki Place 

Named after Tuwharetoa’s Grandmother Hine Te Ariki 

Tuwharetoa Road

Local iwi/tribe named after powerful chief who lived near present day
  Kawerau during the 16th century

Valley Road 

So named because it follows a natural valley in Kawerau 

Vogel Street

Sir Julius Vogel - NZ Prime Minister – 1873-76

Walter Nash Avenue

Rt. Hon Walter Nash - NZ Prime Minister – 1957-60

Ward Street

Rt. Hon Sir Joseph Ward - NZ Prime Minister – 1906-12, 1928-30

Waterhouse Street 

Mr George Waterhouse – NZ Prime Minister – 1872-73

Weld Street

Mr Frederick Weld – NZ Prime Minister – 1864-65

Whitaker Street

Mr Frederick Whitaker – NZ Prime Minister – 1863-64, 1882-83

Windley Place 

Mr Joe Windley - See local identity biography  



Boyce Park

Mr Clive Boyce – See local identity biography 

Firmin Field

Mr William (Bill) Firmin – See local identity biography  

Hilldale Reserve

Takes its name from the Hilldale subdivision

Keith McKenzie Park 

See local identity biography 

Lyn Hartley Reserve 

See local identity biography

Monika Lanham Reserve

See local identity biography 

Pat Baker Reserve               

See local identity biography   

Prideaux Park

Mr Francis (Frank) Prideaux - See local identity biography 

Roy Stoneham Park

See local identity biography 

Roy Weston Reserve  

See local identity biography 

Ruruanga Park

Ruruanga Stream

Stoneham Walk

Mr Roy Stoneham - See local identity biography 

Tarawera Park

Takes its name from Mt. Tarawera

Waterhouse Street Reserve

Mr George Waterhouse – NZ Prime Minister – 1872-73

Origin of street names in Kawerau