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Reed And Matrix Completed 4 June 2010.
The completed image of Reed and Matrix reading on the Library Mural 4 June 2010.
Reed And Matrix Face Detail.
Marc Spijkerbosch is adding the face detail to Reed and Matrix 4 June 2010.
Marc Begins Work On People Detail.
Marc Spijkerbosch begins painting his models Reed and Matrix onto the Library Mural wall 4 June 2010.
Museum Mural Wall With 3 Phase Mercury Arc Rectifier 3 June 2010.
A wider view of the 3 Phase Mercury Arc Rectifier painted by Marc Spijkerbosch 3 June 2010.
3 Phase Mercury Arc Rectifier Painted 3 June 2010.
Marc Spijkerbosch paints the first museum item 3 June 2010 which represents the Mercury Arc Rectifier held inside the Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum. The 3 Phase Mercury Arc Rectifier