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Lord Cobham & Harold Ion at Kawerau District High School March 1959.
Lord Cobham, far left, and principal of North School Harold Ion, beside him talking to a group of school pupils. Lord Cobham, Governor General of New Zealand from 1957 to
Students waving during the visit of Lord and Lady Cobham March 1959.
In March 1959 the Governor General, Lord Cobham, and his wife, Lady Cobham, visited Kawerau. The visit was informal and the vice regal party spent time with the staff and
Francis Prideaux Speaking at Lord & Lady Cobham visit March 1959.
Francis Prideaux, The Town Commissioner, is the man speaking. Sitting behind him from LtoR: ?, ?, Maisie Boyce, ?, Sir James Fletcher Senior, Doug Wilson, Lady Cobham, Lord Cobham, Pat Wilson,