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Marc Spijkerbosch With Book Detail.
Close-up view of book detail on Library wall painted by Marc Spijkerbosch Saturday 22 May 2010
Kawerau Library And Museum Mural  - End Of Day One.
At the end of Day One (20 May 2010), the pencil outline of the books is completed and some background and base paintwork has been done.
Marc Spijkerbosch - Outline Work.
Marc continues the outline on the Library wall design 20 May 2010.
Marc Spijkerbosch - First Pencil Marks.
Marc began by outlining his design on the Library wall 20 May 2010.
Kawerau Library and Museum Mural Design Concept by Marc Spijkerbosch.
An image of the proposed Kawerau Library and Museum Mural design concept by Marc Spijkerbosch submitted 6 May 2010.