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Picaroon Painting 5 June 2010.
In the third window, Marc Spijkerbosch painted a picaroon which is held by the Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum. The Picaroon was used to remove logs from the conveyor belt in
Completed Wooden Pattern Painting.
A closeup view of the completed wooden pattern painting by Marc Spijkerbosch 5 June 2010.
Marc Spijkerbosch Painting Wooden Patterns 5 June 2010.
In the second window of the Museum wall, Marc Spijkerbosch painted wooden patterns to represent the many wooden patterns the Sir James Fletcher Museum holds in their collection. These wooden
Koui Waiting Outside The Library/Museum.
A long distance view of the Koui painting completed 4 June 2010. Marc painted him so that he seems to be sitting waiting for the Library/Museum to open. When first
Koui Completed 4 June 2010.
A close-up view of the completed Koui painting 4 June 2010. He is wearing earpods and holding a wifi device to represent the digital services the Library offers.