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Final Seal 5 June 2010.
Marc Spijkerbosch places the final sealing coat over the completed mural 5 June 2010. We had some problems as rain over the weekend left white spots on top of the
Taniwha Tail Added 5 June 2010.
We wanted a secret mystery on our mural so Marc Spijkerbosch added a taniwha tail/tale to one of our Library books. It is also a link to the Skatepark taniwhas
Museum Mural View.
The Museum mural wall almost completed 5 June 2010.
Koui Waiting Outside The Library/Museum.
A long distance view of the Koui painting completed 4 June 2010. Marc painted him so that he seems to be sitting waiting for the Library/Museum to open. When first
Koui Completed 4 June 2010.
A close-up view of the completed Koui painting 4 June 2010. He is wearing earpods and holding a wifi device to represent the digital services the Library offers.