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Irene Sandle and Marc Spijkerbosch 3 June 2010.
Irene Sandle and Marc Spijkerbosch discuss the museum exhibits to be featured on the Museum mural wall 3 June 2010.
Setting Up 3 June 2010.
Marc Spijkerbosch begins 3 June 2010 by setting up his equipment next to the Library book titles.
Museum Wall Mural 2 June 2010.
Another view of the Museum wall mural painted by Marc Spijkerbosch 2 June 2010. All book titles on this wall are now complete.
More Book Titles 2 June 2010.
More book titles have been added to the Library mural wall. Titles have been chosen to reflect the wide range of services that public libraries now offer such as "Inside APNK"
Janet Fookes Interview 2 June 2010.
Reporter Janet Fookes interviewing artist Marc Spijkerbosch Wednesday 2 June 2010 for the Kawerau News.