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Constructing the retaining wall - 1968 Water Supply Project.
In 1968 a huge project to connect the new water supply to the town of Kawerau was undertaken. The source of the new water supply was springs located about one mile south
Kawerau Borough Council rubbish truck.
This Kawerau Borough Council truck has been modified for collection of paper rubbish sacks. The truck is parked behind Tasman House (now KEA building). Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum 2014.161
Administration and Corporate Services team.
Administration and Corporate Services team from Kawerau District Council in March 2000. From left to right: Glennis Tupe, Lisa Singfield, Carole Stuart, Pari Maxwell, Rachel Cleary, Christine Hall (Team Leader)
Top Town 1989.
Kawerau hosted the Top Town competition in 1989 and the Council got involved by providing a venue and assisting with services like rubbish collection. This was the first major event
Civil Defence exercise - Baytalk I.
Civil Defence exercises have been held regularly in Kawerau and this photograph shows a particular exercise named ‘Baytalk I’ held on the 9th September 1967. Staff Officer, Intelligence Ray Jones