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A history of the businesses which have occupied 16-18 Jellicoe Court Kawerau.

 16-18 Jellicoe Court

This building was constructed in 1957. The first tenant was B.L.Mander Limited, General Draper, who occupied this building until 1963 when Murray and Irene Hansen purchased the B.L. Mander Ltd company which included the building. Murray then moved his business Kawerau Books & Gifts from the east side of Jellicoe Court to this site.  In July 1978 Murray and Irene Hansen sold Kawerau Books & Gifts to Bill and Judy Walters. They changed the name of the business to Toyworld and operated from this site until 1992.


Graham Jones moved his business from the Promenade to this site. He sold second hand furniture and carried out appliance repairs from this Jellicoe Court site from August 1st 1992 until early 1994. Fay Hunia used this site from April 1st 1994, for a short time. The next tenant was Low Bucks, who operated a second hand furniture business from this site later in 1994. From July 1998 until March 2002 Matai Bennett and the Kawerau Youth Centre Trust rented this site. The building was empty for a short time until Barry and Christine Millan opened a business called Superbuys selling second hand furniture which they operated from June 24th 2002 until December 2007. During 2006-2007 Superbuys shared these premises with Margaret and Tony Geor who operated Geor’s Major Colours. Murray and Irene sold this building to R.J. Welsh in April 2008. This site remained empty until the Kawerau District Council purchased this building in April 2012. The Council is committed to developing a Museum storage and archives facility in this building with work to commence 2015/2016 financial year.


Reference: Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum Retail Interviews 2009-2013