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Clive and Maisie Boyce were the first Mayor and Mayoress of Kawerau.

Official Farewell for Clive and Maisie Boyce 1967Boyce was born on 1 July 1918 in Cambridge, the youngest son of Arthur and Alice Boyce. Cambridge is also where Clive attended school, where he was involved with swimming and diving. Arthur Boyce, Clive’s father, owned a water bottling plant in Cambridge where Clive possibly worked after leaving school before joining the army.

Maisie was born on 16 May 1919, and she grew up in Te Kuiti where she later was employed as a secretary for the Maori Land Court. Clive and Maisie married in Cambridge on the 27th December 1941. They had two children Pam and Barry.

When he left the army, Clive worked in the Insurance industry before working for his Uncle Tom Boyce who owned a grocer shop in Cambridge. From there Clive and Maisie came to the new town of Kawerau and opened a general store on 12 January 1954 in one of the 6 temporary shops on the corner of Onslow and Plunket Streets.

Living quarters for the Boyce family when they first arrived in Kawerau was a caravan at the rear of the temporary shop until moving into a State house in Fergusson Street. When a section became available Clive and Maisie built a new house in River Road, the section backing on to the Fergusson Street property which they had previously occupied.

In 1956, Clive and Maisie built a new shop situated in the permanent shopping area in Jellicoe Court. This building was built so that if necessary a second floor could be added at a later date. In 1961 when the township of Te Mahoe was constructed to house the workers at the Matahina Dam site Clive opened a general store in the new township which he owned until the dam construction was completed. On 30 June 1962 the Boyce’s sold their Kawerau business to John and Mary Neeson.

In 1955, Clive was appointed to the Advisory Committee until 1959 when he became Kawerau’s first Mayor, a position he held until 1965. During Clive’s time as Mayor of Kawerau there were many demands on him and his Commissioners regarding ongoing development of Kawerau. Some of these achievements were: Inauguration of Clive Boyce as first Mayor of Kawerau

  • Completion of the Town Hall complex;
  • Borough Depot was finished;
  • Purchase of the Old Recreation Centre from Tasman for £1500;
  • Dressing Sheds were built at the swimming pool;
  • The new library, rest rooms and Plunket Rooms were incorporated with alterations to the Concert Chamber;
  • Purchased remaining land on the Plateau and approximately 80 sections were created and sold.

Clive and Maisie left Kawerau in 1967 moving to Ohope for a short time before settling in Simpkins Street in Whakatane. There Clive was the secretary/manager of the Whakatane RSA and was also secretary/manager of the Kawerau Cosmopolitan Club for a time.

In his spare time Clive played golf, was a committee member for the Whakatane Racing Club, member of Rotary and chairman of the Whakatane RSA.

Clive passed away in Whakatane in October 1991 aged 73. Maisie passed away two years later in March 1993 aged 73.

The Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum curated an exhibition on Clive and Maisie Boyce September 2013-March 2014. 

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Clive and Maisie Boyce

First Names:Clive and Maisie
Last Name:Boyce