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In 2014 the Kawerau District Council celebrated its diamond anniversary. This exhibition celebrates all the services and achievement that the Council has contributed to the Kawerau community.

Diamond's are a Council's best friendTake a moment to think about a typical day in Kawerau. You wake up, use the loo, get a drink of water, and take the dog for a walk through the beautiful parks and reserves around town. You get the family organised and head off to the local swimming pool followed by a visit to the Library to search the internet and borrow some books. If you’re feeling DIY inclined, you might need a building permit or want to take some rubbish to the Transfer Station using the local roading network. It might be a special day with a big event on in town or you have visitors to take to the Museum.

These are just some of the many services that the Kawerau District Council has been providing to the local community for the past 60yrs. The 'Diamonds are a Council's Best Friend' exhibition held at the Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum celebrated Council achievements, the people that have been involved through the years and explored the services the Council provides.

See below for more information about the exhibition. Click on the featured photographs on the right for more information about them.

Kawerau Borough Council 1971 - 74Community Leaders
This section celebrates the movers, the shakers and the hard workers who have led Kawerau District Council, and the Borough before it, to great things.






Council StaffCouncil staff during Summer Reading Program
The Council could not operate without its dedicated staff -  many whom have been employees for a long time. From the team leaders to the gardeners - all play their part to keep Kawerau District Council on track. 




Regulatory & PlanningTop Town 1989
This department of Council is responsible for Environmental Services (Environmental Health, Building Control, Dog Control/Registration,) Civil Defence, Planning, Human Resources, Information Centre services, Event Management/Funding and Youth Council.

This section featured displays on:

  • Civil Defence
  • Events and Economic Development
  • Democracy

 2014 Kawerau Youth CouncilCivil Defence exercise - Baytalk I

Finance & Corporate ServicesAdministration and Corporate Services team
This department of Council is responsible for: Finance (Rating/Funding, Payables, Investments, Policies, etc),  Computer Services, the Library/Museum, and Administration/Support (Front desk services, leases, cemetery, elected members, grants/donations, etc.).




Operations & Services
This department of Council is responsible for: Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste, Roading/Footpaths, Engineering, Parks & Reserves, the Town Centre, Toilets, the Swimming Pool and Council facilities.

This section featured displays on:

  • Water & Wastewater
  • Roading and Parks & Reserves
  • Refuse Disposal
  • Maurie Kjar Swimming Complex
  • Council Facilities

 Recreation Centre Maurie Kjar Swimming Pool 1957Construction of Bridge RoadKawerau Borough Council rubbish truckConstructing the retaining wall - 1968 Water Supply Project

History of the Library2006 Summer Reading Programme finale
The Council's library service has gone a long way since it opened in 1954 with just 1,411 books for only eight hours a week. The service now has a dedicated building with programming and digital collections now the standard. This section (that was held in the library foyer) celebrated some key moments in the Library's past.

Additional displays in Jellicoe Court showcased the History of the Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum and a timeline of key events in the Council's past.



Diamond's are a Council's best friend


Diamonds are a Council's Best Friend was curated by the Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum and was on display from September 2014 to September 2015.