Topic: Kawerau in 1959

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In 2019, the Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum exhibited photos from 60 years earlier on the history of Kawerau in 1959.

Kawerau 1959 By 1959 our Town Commissioner, Frank Prideaux, believed the town was set up with the foundations for future growth provided. The major businesses in Kawerau—Tasman Pulp & Paper & Caxton Paper Mill—were up and operating, and workers were inflowing into the area to work for these companies and the other town support businesses leading to an approx. population of 3,800.  Mr Prideaux had made sure the town had all the facilities residents needed including two schools, a library, swimming pool and plans for a Town Hall &  Municipal Office were underway.  Support services like a Post Office, Police, Banks, Doctors and a maternity hospital for all the new babies were established, and many of our Clubs had started. Mr Prideaux declared he was generally satisfied and that it was time for him to step down and allow Kawerau to move into the future. This led to elections in November 1959 which was the start of elected local government in Kawerau.