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Ken Moore was an early resident of MacKenzie Street, Kawerau, building one of the first houses. He was a keen historian and compiled the very useful 'Kawerau: Its history and background' in 1990.

Gladys And Ken Moore 2006Ken was born in 1926 and spent most of his childhood in Masterton. On leaving school Ken worked at the local Dalgety's doing clerical work. He then worked for C.E. Daniels where he was introduced to the timber trade, once again in the clerical field.

Ken then came to work at Tasman in the timber division in 1955 and worked alongside Ron Hardie, Roy Weston, Max Beaver, Jack Warren, Jim Syme and Peter Wilson. In later years Ken also worked with Alan Mayo and John Read. The Timber Division had its humorous moments, one of which was when a pellet of timber fell on Ken's car and flattened it.

In 1956 Ken met Gladys just three weeks after she arrived in New Zealand with two other Western Australian girls who were all on a working holiday. Romance blossomed with Ken and Gladys marrying in the old St Lukes Church in Rotorua on the 28th March 1959.

In 1958 Ken joined the Whakatane Historical Society when it was in its infancy. He became president in 1964 until 1971 and he continued to serve on the committee for several more years. Ken led many of the society's field outings over the years and was involved in the establishment of the original Whakatane Museum and Gallery.

Ken was also involved with the local Anglican Church and was the superintendent of Sunday School for many years. The church in the late 1960's was a period of big growth with many new families settling in Kawerau. In later years Ken was involved in pastoral care and giving help where needed.

In 1990 Ken wrote ‘Kawerau - Its History and Background'. As people and businesses were often on the move Ken spent many hours of careful research, going through the early local weekly newspapers and interviewing many original residents. Copies of this publication are available for purchase at the Kawerau District Library.

Ken and his daughter Beulah entered a competition in 1977 to name the two new Tasman ships which had been specifically built to carry Tasman's paper products and timber. They won the competition with Ken naming the Tasman Enterprise and Beulah naming the Tasman Venture.

Ken Moore passed away in 2006. In 2010, his book and name were featured on our Museum mural, in recognition of his contribution to Kawerau's history.

Ken Moore was featured as an Early Resident at the Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum September 2010-August 2011.

Ken Moore

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