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Born 29.3.1965 at 4.45am. Weight 8lb, 15 oz.

I was born in one of the houses in Waterhouse Street in Kawerau which was then the maternity hospital. I decided to come in this world very fast. My mother nearly lost me on the door step of the maternity home, reaching the delivery room in the nick of time where the lovely Sister McCorquindale delivered me. My parents were delighted, especially my father,  who had stars in his eyes when he held me for the first time and he named me “Marie Anne Queen of the Angels”. I was really a miracle baby, as my brother, Marcel was 9 years old already. I was called Marion for a short time by my parents.


Van Westbrook Family Baby Story 7 October 2013.

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Marie-Anne-Regina-Angelique van Westbrook

First Names:Marie Anne Regina Angelique
Last Name:van Westbrook
Place of Birth:Kawerau
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