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Before, the first Maternity Hospital opened in 1956, babies were born either at Whakatane or in the homes of their parents.

A baby was born in a caravan at the Caravan Camp in 1953-54. This may have been the first baby born in the new settlement.

Later, the first baby born at the town site was a son, born to Mr & Mrs P Harris in their home.

On 11 May 1954, the Charles twins, Roger And Robert, were born at Whakatane Hospital. Their father was employed by Churchouse & Shirley, but at the time of their birth, the family were living at Onepu. In June 1954, they moved into a house in Bowen Street.

In January 1955, twins were born to Mr & Mrs F Hagen at Whakatane Hospital. The family lived at Shanty Town, moving into a caravan September 1954.

Interestingly, the ratio of girls to boys born in those days was 6 to 1.


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