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Memories from the Bay of Plenty Earthquake 2 March 1987 written by Marjorie Hill (02.03.07) for the 20th Anniversary Earthquake Memories Project (Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum).

Earthquake Memories - Marjorie Hill - Ohope Beach

A lovely day, so off we went, Ted and I to Ohope Beach.  We decided to go up the Westend track (ages since we had been there).  On a bend, a nice seat, a great view.  Could sit there for ages, wish we had brought the picnic.  Back down to the beach, a young man, who dashed past us, going up.  Goodness I thought, wish I could go up as quickly as he could and me only had one leg; crutches.

As we crossed the beach, I noticed Whale Island smoking, I thought someone had been careless with a cig, but earthquakes was the reason, dust not smoke.

We had left the car opposite the restaurant, while I hung on for dear life, the crockery and glasswear in the restaurant went crashing from the shelves.

We set off for Whakatane, dogs running around terrified, the shops were closed, only the Piecart remained open.  We were advised by a Bus Driver to go back to Kawerau via Edgecumbe!  That was a shock, the paths were like packs of cards, the edges like disturbed dominoes.  On reaching Kawerau, the guys were helping cars to get across the bridge, using planks.  On arriving home, mess everywhere, The "Home Brew", well by now the weather had joined in the carry on, miserable, wet and cold.  We stayed in the car, Sylvia, Ray, the kids and cats, joined us in the back yard.  I can't remember how long it was, before I mad a dive for the house and hid under the blankets.

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Memories Of The Bay Of Plenty Earthquake 1987 - Marjorie Hill

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