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Kawerau's last primary school to open was Putauaki Primary School in May 1978.

The official opening day for Putauaki Primary School was 22 May 1978.  Situated on Fenton Mill Road, Mr Peter Salter was the first principal. He had a staff of eight teachers and there were eight permanent classrooms. On the opening day which was the first day of the second term the roll was 224. Putauaki was different from the other Kawerau schools in it was an open plan system until this was modified in the late 1990's. In 1999 Putauaki became a full primary school offering classes from new entrants to year 8 and was renamed Putauaki Full Primary School. This was changed back to Putauaki Primary School in 2012 after the Kawerau school re-organisation process which meant 2013 was the last year that intermediate aged (year 7-8) pupils attended the school. The current Principal is Mr N. More.

Staff in 2011 included:

Tarawera:   Mrs R Findlater (T3- Yr 2-3), Mrs M Rangi (T2- Yr 2), Ms L Lafaelle (T1- Yr 1)
Whakaari:   Mrs G Martin-Paling (W1-Yr 4-5), Mr J Rangihika (W2- Yr 4-5),
Te Atea:   Mr L Savage (TA6-Yr 6-7-8 ), MS K Waitere (TA5-Yr5), Mrs U Biddle (TA4-Yr 3-4), Mrs A Muncaster/Mrs V McCauley-Walker (TA3-Yr 2-3), Mrs J Savage (TA2- Yr 1-2), Mrs D More (TA1-Yr 1)
Moutohora:   Mrs D Addenbrooke (M1-Yr 6-7-8), Mr D Paling (M2- Yr 6-7-8)
Additional teachers/staff:   Mr G Sutton (Spec Needs/CRT), Mrs J Murphy (E-Learning, ICT)
Other Staff:   3 teacher aides,  2 office Staff, 1 Caretaker

Teaching Teams (2012) were:

Tarawera:   Mrs R Findlater (T3- Yr 2-3), Mrs M Rangi (T2- Yr 2), Ms L Lafaelle (T1- Yr 1)
Whakaari:   Mrs L Chase (W2-Yr4- 5), Mrs G Martin-Paling (W1- Yr4-5)
Te Atea:   Mr L Savage (TA7-Yr 6-7-8 ), Mr J Rangihika  (TA6 Yr5-6),  Mrs V McCauley-Walker (TA5- Yr3-4), Ms K Waitere (TA4 - Yr 2-3), Mrs A Muncaster (TA3-Yr2), Mrs E Kingi (TA2-Yr 1-2),  Mrs D More (TA1-Yr 1)
Moutohora:   Mrs D Addenbrooke (M1-Yr 6- 7-8), Mr D Paling (M2- Yr 6- 7-8)
Additional teachers/staff:   Mr G Sutton, Mrs J Joss, Mrs J Murphy (E-Learning, ICT)
Other Staff:   5 teacher aides,  2 office Staff, 1 Caretaker, 2 Cleaners.

Board of Trustees and staff for 2013 were:


Chairperson: Boyce Kingi
Financial: Jonathan Carter
Property and Grounds: Dale James
Staff Representative: Verbena McCauley-Walker.
Policies: Kirk Bain
Secretary: Wini Mitai.
Health and Safety: Lynette Elliot
Mintues Secretary:Karen Pakeha
Specilised Needs: Kim Rangihika
Communications: Hannah Edwardson  


Principal: Mr. Noel More
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Rowena Findlater
Senior Teachers: Mrs. Rowena Findlater, Mrs. Devinnia More, Mr. Lance Savage
Teachers: Mrs.Joanne Joss, Mrs. Maina Rangi, Mr. Grant Sutton, Mr. Dave Paling, Mrs. Edwina Kingi, Mrs. Ange Muncaster, Mrs. Janeen Savage,Whaea Una Biddle, Mrs.Verbena McCauley-Walker, Mrs Raewyn Morgan, Mrs Donna Bain, Mrs. Devinnia More,  Mr. Lance Savage.
Office: Miss. Karen Pakeha and Mrs. Lana Maxwell
Cleaner/Caretaking: Mrs.Shelley Peters, Mrs.Kath Drawbridge and Mrs Jeanne Paterson.
Teacher Aides:Mrs. Tracy Jefferies, Mrs. Jeanne Paterson, Ms. Ellen Hill, Kylie Erdbeer.
Bus Driver: Mr. Michael Lloyd

The Sir James Fletcher Kawerau Museum curated an exhibition Putauaki Full Primary School history September 2012 - August 2013.

This history is incomplete so feel free to add any details or photos and memorabilia relating to the school's history.


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